The Benefits of an Automatic Car Wash

Are you looking for affordable, effective automatic car wash cleaning supplies? Whether you run a touchless tunnel or friction-roller style style outfit, we’ve got you covered. JBS Industries has been creating car wash soaps for automatic car washes since 1979. If you haven’t taken a look before now, our product line has several surprises in store.

Just as cars have changed significantly over the past decades, so have automatic car wash supplies. Formulated for a great clean, easy rinsing and less impact on the environment, our modern car wash soaps and chemicals offer many great advantages over the products available in the past. You, our customer, have become more demanding of the quality and value of our products because your own car wash customers ask the same thing. To continue to improve our reputation as a quality automatic car wash product supplier, we work hard to provide you with a wide range of class-leading soaps and chemicals that surpass your requirements.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction

There are a few different ways that automatic car wash products win customers over. First, of course, is by providing a one-wash clean. Few people will return to a shop that leaves their auto dirty. Our line of pre-soaks and high density automatic car wash soaps ensure all the grit and grime of the road is washed away. Second is lasting results. The right mixture of wax and effective drying or sealing agents goes a long way toward preserving that crisp, clean look.

Aside from performing at top efficiency, however, car wash products for automatic car washes have the ability to draw customers back to your business by making the washing process fun. A touchless or friction-roller car wash may use a triple-foam solution that not only pre-soaks, cleans and applies a preliminary wax, but also comes in vibrant colors and scents. Automatic car wash soaps come in a variety of fragrances, from sweet cotton candy to citrus and wild cherry.

How to Make My Automatic Car Wash Better

 If you already own or run an automatic car wash, you know the difficulties of the business. When people wash their own car in your self-serve bay, they’re aware that they’re responsible for washing the entirety of their vehicle. On the other hand, when they go through your automatic wash bay, they expect 100% cleaning every time.

One difficulty with an automatic car wash is knowing which soaps to use. It’s impossible to guess what dirt and grime will be present on the vehicles that pass through your automatic car wash. Some cars will come through with a light amount of dust and dirt, while others will come through caked in mud and salt. Choosing high-performance soaps that can cut through any dirt is key to satisfying all of your customers, all of the time.

Should I Start an Automatic Car Wash?

 Starting your own automatic car wash is a big decision. It takes a significant investment and long-term thinking to start a successful automatic car wash. As with any business, you need to consider many different factors:

  • Is there enough demand in your town or city? If there isn’t already an automatic car wash in your area, ask yourself why. Is there not enough demand? Are there prohibitive bylaws, fees and taxes for such a business? Is anyone else in the planning stages that will beat you to market? Be honest and thorough when looking for these answers because they can present real obstacles for your plan.

If you’re in an area with frequent water restrictions in the summer months, an automatic car wash can be appealing to citizens who are not allowed to wash at home. The same goes if you’re in a colder climate that uses salt and sand on the roads in winter: An automatic car wash is appealing on cold days, as opposed to self-serve washing.

  • Would a self-serve car wash suit local citizens better? There can be a preference for self-serve wash over automatic wash, and it’s important to know what your potential customers think. Create a questionnaire or poll people at nearby car washes to see if your area is open to the idea of an automatic car wash station. Take some time and observe the type of vehicles and equipment people are washing in the area, too. If you see more trailers, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and other equipment being washed by hand, an automatic system might not suit everyone’s needs.
  • Are there any future infrastructure plans that might affect your automatic car wash business? If you plan to build in a settled area, always be aware of any planned developments. Today’s busy commercial zone could be tomorrow’s empty wasteland. Over the past few decades, there has been a move away from typical shopping malls to more spread-out ‘big box’ style commercial areas, for example. Any new planned commercial zones, roads or zoning changes could impact your business in the future, so make sure you get to city hall and inquire about any upcoming changes.
  • Can you accept a long-term return on investment, or are you hoping to make money quickly? It may sound like an obvious question for any business you’re opening, but an automatic car wash can take a long time to start making money. Operated properly, an automatic car wash is a sound investment, but it often takes years before you’re making a steady income due to the large initial investment outlay in property and equipment. Knowing when you can expect a return on your investment is important to keep in mind from the beginning, and it needs to be part of your business plan.

It’s easy to let the excitement behind the idea of owning your own automatic car wash carry you away, but it’s important to stay grounded and realistic. Once you’ve answered all the hard questions, you will have more confidence and assurance that your plan is sound.

Another option, if you decide that building your own automatic car wash isn’t in the cards, is to buy an existing business. Just remember that all of the same questions as building your own apply: If you find a car wash for sale, you need to study their customer and employee base, location and operating costs. A successful business won’t come cheap, so if you find one at a significant discount, it’s important to understand why!

In some cases, you’ll find that the current owners haven’t done what it takes to advertise, improve the customer experience or enhance their reputation. High maintenance and supply costs can also eat into profits and make a business seem unappealing to current owners. This is where creating a relationship with us today at JBS Industries is important. Come in and take a look at our wide variety of automatic car wash products, supplies and equipment. You can use our bulk product prices as a basis for your calculations and accurately estimate your future expenses as a car wash owner.

Improve Your Profits

Customers connect with these experiences, and when they enjoy the results of the car wash along with that experience, they ultimately come back for more. Ensuring your automatic car wash supplies contain a few fun elements can surprisingly cause your profits to skyrocket.

JBS Industries is your source for automatic car wash chemicals. We offer superior benefits and bulk savings for large orders. Stop by our product pages today to find the biggest deals on soaps, waxes and other supplies specifically for automatic car washes.

If you’re already an automatic car wash owner or are wondering if you should build or buy one, contact our JBS Industries team of experts today. We have decades of experience and would be more than happy to share what we know. We are excited at the idea of another car wash in your area, and we look forward to being part of your success story!

Ceramic Technology

For many years, ceramic automotive technology has only been available to consumers in Detailing shops and Auto dealers. These treatments utilized polysilizanes fusions and heat lamp processes that required hours of curing time & special training and equipment.

Today, JBS Industries has created a formula that has superior Hydrophobicity which means it “hates water”. This formula also contains Hydro Carbons which enables the water to be displaced faster than conventional protectant technology.

JBS Industries has simplified Silicone Dioxide, (SIO₂), technology to produce a modern Ceramic protectant chemistry that has similar properties and results of expensive Ceramic treatments and brought this wisdom to the commercial car wash industry. The Shine Time formula produces a “self-cleaning” effect whereby the applications in Arches and In-Bay automatics car washes adhere to positively-charged modern clear coat paint finishes and repel negatively-charged dirt and grime.

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